Plastic, a geological layer

The plastic waste, accumulated over the past decades, now forms a geological layer on the shore of our sea: these images were shot on the beach of Platamona, in the north of Sardinia, a stone's throw from Sassari and the island of Asinara.

High North18: The plastics at the North Pole

Here are the incredible images shot on July 18 at 81 ° 39n-18 ° 09e, documenting the presence of large plastics in the Arctic ice

And here is the video that brings together all the macroplastics documented in the far north, in the ice or behind the ice present in the Arctic glacial mmarc more than 100 kilometers north of the Svalbard Islands

Here you can see the map with the exact location of all the plastic objects or macrofragments identified and documented between July 16 and 19, 2018 during the expedition High North18

5 gyres North West Passage Expedition 2016

This is the Minidocumentary – finalist at the International Ocean Film Festival in San Francisco – made on the August 2016 expedition to the Northwest Passage to document – for the first time – the presence of plastic in that stretch of Arctic