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I am a journalist, environmental science communicator and nature guide. I love mountains and in particular alpine wildlife, but I have long been involved in the sea, Ocean Literacy and plastic pollution. I have participated in three Arctic expeditions (2016, 2018 and 2019), written two books ('A sea of plastic' and 'Plastic, the solution is us. Stories of women, men and children who do the right thing', Nutrimenti Edizioni), participated in research in the Mediterranean, on rivers and in the Alps, held conferences and shows, made mini-documentaries, video installations and photographs. I try to use all possible languages to reach the widest possible audience and tell them what I see, what I touch with my own hands, what I hear from researchers, scientists, experts and activists, from the people who, thanks to a simple idea, a minimal initiative, have an impact on the dynamics of entire communities.

Here you will find my work (synthesized), but I am available for any further infpormation and suggestion. Welcome!