My name is Franco Borgogno and I am a journalist, environmental science communicator, nature guide. I am a Park Guide in the Protected Areas of the Maritime Alps.

I love mountains and particularly alpine wildlife, but I have also long been involved with the sea, Ocean Literacy, plastic pollution, climate change, and biodiversity protection.

I have participated in three Arctic expeditions (2016, 2018 and 2019), written two books ('A Sea of Plastic' and 'Plastic, the Solution is Us. Stories of women, men and children doing the right thing', Nutrimenti Edizioni), participated in research in the Mediterranean, on rivers and in the Alps, gave lectures and performances, made mini-documentaries, video installations and photographs. I try to use all possible languages to reach the widest possible audience and tell what I see, what I touch with my own hands, what I hear from researchers, scientists, experts and activists, from the people who thanks to a simple idea, a perhaps minimal initiative affect the dynamics of entire communities.

On this site you can find my work (summarized), but I am available for any further study. Welcome!

Who I am

But who is Franco Borgogno? I was born in Turin on October 2, 1965. I have been a journalist for over 30 years with extensive multimedia experience (print newspapers, TV, web in local, national and international newspapers). I have written two books, so far, and I deal with communication and environmental science education: over 200 public events and 30 thousand students met in recent years. I am an environmental hiking guide in the Piedmontese Alps, a photographer, a Maritime Alps Park Guide, a traveler. Responsible for scientific and environmental projects of the European Research Institute ETS Foundation.

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Trofeo del Mare. President of Ocean Literacy Italy 2018-2023. Climate Reality Leader in the Climate Reality Project founded by Al Gore. Honorary President of the 'Basta Plastica in Mare' Association.

Author of 'A sea of plastic' (2016, published in France in June 2019) and 'Plastic, the solution is us. Stories of women, men and children doing the right thing' (2020).

Winner of the 2017 AICA-oscar Italian Environmental Communication Award, the 2018 Carlo Marinkovic Journalism-Literary Award and the 2018 Seafuture Science Book Award, the Sea Trophy and the 2020 Blue Prize-Earth Prize.

Co-author of scientific publications Mitigation strategies to reverse the rising trend of plastics in Polar Regions e Microplastics in seawater: sampling strategies, laboratory methodologies, and identification techniques applied to port environmentSociety Role in the Reduction of Plastic Pollution e Microplastic Contamination in Snow from Western Italian Alps e Quantification of Microplastics in North-Western Mediterranean Harbors: Seasonality and Biofilm-Related Metallic Contaminants and How many microplastics are present in the Po?

Author of the photo exhibition 'Alpine Souls. Essential portraits of wild mountain dwellers' (Maritime Alps Nature Park, Entracque, December 8, 2023-February 13, 2024)

Author of the poster presentation (‘Macroplastics massive observation over 81°N: HighNorth18 expedition record on july 2018 ‘) at the international scientific conference Arctic Frontiers (Tromso, January 2019) 

Final selection at the International Ocean Film Festival with the documentary-short '5 Gyres North West Passage Expedition.

Sono 'ambassador' of the 5 Gyres Institute

Mentioned among globally influential artists (photography) for raising awareness of marine protection in 'The Universal Sea Guidebook'. (Berlin, March 2019).

Trainer for teachers (elementary, middle and high school) and AIGAE environmental hiking guides (years 2018-2020) on ecology, climate change, Ocean Literacy, pollution. 

Author of the video installation @433_2050 at the 2018 Science Festival (Genoa), part of the artistic photographic project of environmental dissemination Arctic Grafts'.

Speaker in over 200 between workshops, TV programmes (Rai and Sky), national and international seminars and conferences on environmental themes.

Tutor as for environmental science journalism at the Master of Journalism "Giorgio Bocca" all'University of Turinwhere in the past (since 2010) I have also dealt with online, television and press office journalism

Author of the video onInternational OL Conference (urly.it/38rrf) for theUnesco.

Author on Repubblica (print and online) of the reportage-research on plastics at the North Pole: urly.it/38rrh

Since a few years I dedicate myself toOcean Literacy (education and dissemination on the importance of the sea for human life: from environmental to economic and cultural reasons) and I am co-founder, and  President of Ocean Literacy Italy. In particular, I'm in charge of the study and communication (at the educational and journalistic level) of the problem of plastic waste in water.

In August <b>2016</b> I participated in the first sampling expedition for plastics and microplastics in the Northwest Passagewith the 5 Gyres Institute in Santa Monica (California, USA), and on this expedition I have made a documentary "short", finalist at the San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival, and wrote the book A sea of plastic (Nutrition, June 2017).

In July 2018 I participated in the expedition HighNorth18led by the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy (destination 81°, Yermak Plateau north of Svalbard) documenting for the first time the presence of macroplastics in the Arctic ice pack and collecting samples to ascertain the quantity and quality of microplastics.

In 2019 I coordinated - with Roberto Cavallo, AICA and Erica coop. - the sampling and analysis in the project A bit of plastic e 'Plastic snow', first course-wide sampling of the Po River to quantify the presence of microplastics in the course of the Great River and on annual snowfields in the high mountains (published 2020). 

In past I've been working on Tuttosport until 2001, as sent e head of service (cycling, swimming, basketball, athletics, volleyball). I then worked as freelance for various Italian and foreign newspapers, dealing with of numerous themes, from politics to economics, from entertainment to the environment. I have been involved in press offices (for international subjects and events). I was co-founder of some of the first Italian experiences of online journalism (www.piemontebasket.com, www.quotidianopiemontese.it) and spokesman for the President of the Piedmont Region 2005-2010), Mercedes Bresso.





        In July (5-7), August (23-25) and September (13-15), spectacular trekking that takes place at high altitude, starting from the King's House Floor, ascending to the Fremamorta lakes and then following the route to the Valasco pass, Portette Lake and Questa refuge, Claus Lake, Valscura Lake and Valrossa Lakes, to descend to the Valasco refuge and then close with Valcuca Lake and the descent to Terme di Valdieri.

        It is the perfect opportunity to quietly and harmoniously discover and experience some of the most majestic and wild corners of the Park.

        Technical information

        Elevation gain: +900 meters on the first day, +550/-900 on the second day, +450/-750 on the third day.
        Duration: 4.30 hours on the first day, 1.5 hours on the second day, 2.30 hours on the third day.
        Development: 12.8 km on day 1, 13.7 km on day 2, 7.2 km on day 3.
        Difficulty: E.
        Cost, meeting and return: find all the details HERE.
        Clothing needed: hiking clothing, sleeping bag, packed lunch, water, sunscreen, hat.



        Three days of hiking in July (19-21) and late August (30/08-01/09) never particularly technically difficult, but of the highest scenic and naturalistic level.

        On the first day we climb from Rovine Lake to the Genova Figari Refuge, in the presence of Mount Argentera (the highest in the Maritime Alps), on the shores of Brocan Lake.
        On the second day climb to the Fenestrelle Pass (552 m elevation gain) to descend to the Soria Ellena refuge.
        On the third day we will descend from the Soria Ellena refuge to San Giacomo di Entracque.

        A weekend among the peaks and the most beautiful nature of the Maritime Alps.

        Technical information

        Elevation gain: +500 m on day 1, +570/-730 on day 2, -650 on day 3.
        Duration: 2 hours on the first day, 3 hours on the second day, 2 hours on the third day.
        Development: 4 km on day 1, 8 km on day 2, 7 km on day 3.
        Difficulty: E.
        Costs, meeting and return: find out all the details HERE.
        Clothing needed: hiking clothing, sleeping bag, packed lunch, water, sunscreen, hat.



        JUNE 8-9: Ellero Valley: meadows and pastures as far as the eye can see, dolomites, limestones, views

        JUNE 8: Porta Pian Marchisio-Passo delle Saline. The route is extremely easy in the first part (unpaved pastoral road) and only in the final part becomes a path, however very easy and without technical difficulties. The karst and dolomitic aspect of the area give really striking and spectacular details and views. Height difference: about 550 m. Route: about 12 km. Meeting at 9:30 a.m. Porta Pian Marchisio (Roccaforte Mondovì). Return to the cars 4 p.m.

        JUNE 9: Porta Pian Marchisio-Lake Rataira. Again, very very easy route in the first part, then more 'hiking' in the second, but still without any particular technical difficulties. The lake in the finale (and an ephemeral one earlier), the karst and dolomite aspect of the area give really striking and spectacular details and views. Height difference: about 600 m. Route: about 12 km. Meeting at 9:30 a.m. Porta Pian Marchisio (Roccaforte Mondovì). Return to the cars at 4 pm

        JUNE 22-23: Soana Valley (Gran Paradiso Park)

        JUNE 22: Piamprato-Lake Santanel. Elevation gain: about 800 meters. Route: about 10 km. Meeting at 9:30 a.m., return to cars at 4 p.m.

        JUNE 23: Pian dell'Azaria hike. Elevation gain about 500 meters. Route: about 9.5 km. Meeting at 9.30 a.m., return to cars pre 4 p.m.


        The news is not strictly about CleanAlp, but it has a lot to do with promoting mountains, the environment and health. With pride, we tell you that we at European Research Institute are promoting an initiative that is currently unique in Italy: inclusion and experience in nature for children from 0 to 2 years old, with their parents.

        Participants will experience this with me, Franco, and a developmental psychologist. A THIS LINK. find all the necessary information, and we ask you to share it with anyone you think might be interested.


        Franco Borgogno

        Corso Siccardi 11 c/o European Research Institute